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About Us-The Exclusive Licensed Manufacturer of AG Associates Heatpulse 610

 AG Associates Heatpulse is one of the most famous RTP equipment manufacturers. Many Integrated Chip companies, R&D centers, Institutes all over the world have been using AG Heatpulse Systems. We are the exclusive licensed manufacturer of AG Associates Heatpulse 610 Rapid Thermal Processor. We are manufacturing the AccuThermo AW 410, AccuThermo AW 610, AccuThermo AW 810, AccuThermo AW 820, AccuThermo AW 830 , which are AtmosPress Rapid Thermal Processors and AccuThermo AW 610V, AccuThermo AW 820V, AccuThermo AW 860V , which are Vacuum Rapid Thermal Processors. Compared with traditional RTP system, our AccuThermo AW RTPs have the following key advantages.

  • Unique process uniformity,system stability and consistent process cycle repeatability;
  • Incomparable integrated process control system;
  • 30 years proven product with thousands of customer-based installation;
  • Customer-installation design;
  • 2 to 4 weeks lead time guarantee;
  • Patented Extended Range Pyrometer for precise temperature measurement;
  • Advance AW Software with Power Summary Function;
  • Much easy ERP Pyrometer calibration
  • Real time GUI display;
  • Programmed comprehensive calibration and analysis;
  • Precise time-temperature profiles tailored to suit specific process requirement;
  • Closed-loop temperature control with ERP Pyrometer or thermocouple temperature sensor;
  • Fast heating and cooling rates unobtainable in conventional technologies;
  • Elimination of external contamination;
  • Small footprint and energy efficiency

We also provide spare parts and professional technical service and support for AG Associates Heatpulse 210,  Heatpulse 410, Minipulse 310, Heatpulse 610, Heatpulse 610 I desktop manual Rapid Thermal Annealing systems for end users all over the world. Please e-mail (  ) us for more information.

We do not sell any used/refurbished AG Heatpulse 210,AG Heatpulse 410,AG Heatpulse 610 any more due to the linked reasons.

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